6 Wedding Invite Tips You’ll RSVP “Yes” To

Updated: Aug 23

Whether it was through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, save the date or good ol’ fashioned shouting it from the rooftops, everyone knows you’re getting married. You’ve booked your Crest Hollow venue, and now it’s time to hire a photographer, pick centerpieces and make all the other decisions that go into a wedding—but first thing’s first: You need to know just how many guests you’ll have.

Follow these six tips before dropping your wedding invites into the mailbox:

1. Set your wedding’s tone.

Your invites aren’t only an efficient way to let people know when and where you’ll be getting married, but they also let guests know what kind of wedding you’re having. Design your invites to coordinate with your wedding colors and formality (or lack thereof!), your guests will know what attire is proper and whether they can expect a classic and chic, or casual and laid-backed, celebration.

2. Include the day, not just the date.

Whether it’s because you’re tight on space, you like the way it looks, or you plain forgot, it’s always a good idea to put the day of the week on your invites. You chose the day carefully and have likely been thinking of nothing else since then, but that doesn’t mean your guests will consult their calendar for something that’s months away. Putting the day of the week on the invite will alert them of any conflicts that need to be remedied, like taking the day off work or booking a babysitter—particularly if you have a weekday wedding.

3. Make RSVP’ing quick and simple.