Oversized Décor: How to Go Big on Your Big Day

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The days of dainty and delicate wedding décor are over: Welcome to the age of oversized décor! Don’t let your meticulously planned table settings, place cards, photo booth accessories, and floral arrangements go unnoticed by guests and wedding pictures alike. Make a bold statement (and have some fun) with oversized décor, like:

1. Supersized Wall Chalkboards

Even if you don’t want to skip the traditional guestbook for posterity’s sake, that doesn’t mean you can’t let your guests get creative with their congratulations. Place oversized chalkboards around your reception area with plenty of colorful chalk and watch your guests line up for their turn.

2. Giant Letters

Your love is larger than life—spell it out with letters just as large! Whether it’s the names of the happy couple, short quotes, or simply “love,” these big letters will be a big hit.

3. Rustic Ladders

Whether your wedding has homespun, rustic theme or you want to mix materials for an eclectic vibe, some tall rustic ladders are a great way to use negative space. You may even want to use them for photo ops too.

4. Tall Table Numbers

Save your guests the effort of table-number hunting for small cards and supersize your table numbers. Whether It’s simply a giant number or something a little more fun, like an elevated wine bottle or a pennant, make sure it stands out.