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Unique Entertainment Ideas for a Wedding Reception

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

If you and your partner want your wedding ceremony and reception to be the spectacle of the year, incorporating unique entertainment is an easy way; figuring out which type of entertainment can be a bit more difficult. Luckily, the celebration experts at Long Island’s Crest Hollow Country Club have come up with four spectacular entertainment options for your wedding ceremony and reception, so you and your guests are sure to have the time of your lives.

1. Cue the showstoppers.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding or reception, the sky’s the limit—literally. For jaw dropping entertainment, consider having guests greeted by exotic types of entertainers, such as fire breathers, jugglers or magicians. Or (depending on local ordinances), bring sparklers or pyrotechnics into the mix.

2. No dancers left behind.

Some people are great dancers, some think they are, and others are professional wallflowers, so a great way to level the playing field is to hire professional dancers. Not only will your guests love learning new moves and routines from the pros, but they’ll also feel more comfortable having steps to do, rather than feeling the pressure to dip into their (potentially lacking) dance move repertoire. For unforgettable moments throughout the night, clear the dance floor, change up the lighting and have the pros put on impressive performances.

3. Larger than life games.

Wedding guests can eat, dance and talk for just so long, so it’s nice to switch things up. Surprise your guests with life-size games such as checkers, Jenga, Connect Four and tic-tac-toe (and the Xs and Os are so apropos for the occasion). Everyone is sure to get a kick out of these throwback games, plus they make for great ice breakers, fun photo opportunities and will keep people entertained for hours. This works particularly well in an outdoor setting.

4. Kid-approved.

If you’re expecting to have a lot of children at your wedding, having plenty of activities to keep them entertained is sure to land you on the favorite adult list (plus, the parents will love you for it). Instead of doing the norm (such as a photo booth), consider setting up a face painting station or craft table; a bounce house or scavenger hunt are perfect activities for outdoor weddings.

Looking for more entertainment ideas that will ensure your wedding ceremony and reception is the event of the year? Contact the team at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

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