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5 Reasons You Should RSVP “Yes” to Online RSVPs

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Before the invention of the printing press, wedding invitations were simply announced by the town crier. Once they could be printed, they were announced in the newspaper. And once printing was available to all, they were sent via mail and eventually included paper on which guests were requested to RSVP—and that’s the way it has stayed. But just as we no longer rely on the town crier to announce a wedding, we no longer need to rely on mailing RSVPs! There are a variety of reasons you should join the next evolution of RSVPs. Here are our top five:

1. It’s Budget Friendly

It’s no surprise that weddings are one of the largest expenses you’ll encounter in life. Between the venue, food and drink, your dress, music, and a variety of other things, you may need to make some cuts or compromises along the way. So, when it comes down to it, would you rather have a dress or cake you don’t love, or embrace a unique solution that won’t impact your big day?

2. There’s No Chance of Getting Lost in the Mail

No matter how hard the post office works, sometimes things simply get lost in the mail. When it comes to RSVPing to one of the biggest days in your life, this could strain relationships, cause hurt feelings, or create a seating and meal issue when the day comes. Online RSVPs take the stress out of checking the mailbox every day.

3. You Can Easily Manage Your Guest List Online

As any bride-to-be can tell you, planning a wedding takes a high level of organization. With so many factors affected by the information on the RSVP—like whether they’re bringing a plus one or kids and what meal they’ve selected—it’s important to be able to keep it all properly organized. Online RSVPs make it easy to export the data into manageable formats with no room for human error.

4. It’s Good for the Environment…

Whether you’re a “green” bride who is looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint or simply someone who understands the need to protect our planet, online RSVPs are an easy solution. Not only will you be saving the paper your RSVPs and envelopes would be printed on, you’re helping reduce the carbon emissions created by the post office when delivering all that extra mail.

5. …and Bad for Germs

During a time when we’ve all become more conscious of potentially harmful germs, online RSVPs are the safest way. By taking the act of sealing an envelope and the physical handling of the RSVP by both your guest and postal workers out of the equation, you’re reducing the likelihood you may come in contact with dangerous germs. If you want to take things one step farther, you may also want to consider sending digital invitations rather than physical ones.

Now that you know all the ways in which online RSVPs can make your wedding planning easier—and safer—it’s time to find the right space for your big day. Contact the experts at Crest Hollow Country Club and start planning today.

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