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Tennis Racket and Ball

Tennis club on Long Island

When it comes to finding the perfect Long Island tennis club, Crest Hollow Country Club is at the top of the list. Conveniently located in Woodbury, NY, on Long Island’s North Shore, you won’t need to go far to get in the game. Crest Hollow Country Club serves up everything you need to ace your next match—on our new Har-Tru® tennis courts. 

Private Tennis Lessons

Up your game with lessons from a private tennis coach. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, our friendly tennis pros can improve your game.

In Crest Hollow’s private tennis lessons, coaches work one on one with you. From teaching basic techniques to fixing foundational issues, our private tennis coaches identify what to work on—making you a better player. 

Group Tennis Lessons

Crest Hollow Country Club’s group tennis lessons are a great way to up your game alongside players of similar skills levels to you. Led by one of our tennis pros, we offer clinics so you can get out there and hit—practicing everything from your serve to your backhand and forehand volley. 

Group tennis lessons at Crest Hollow Country Club let you play out real-life match scenarios, so you’ll be ready to win the next match.

Tennis Leagues

Looking for some friendly competition? Find it with Crest Hollow Country Club’s tennis leagues. Our Long Island tennis leagues let you show off your competitive side while honing your skills with live play.

Spend more time on the court, make new friends and stay in shape—get it all with Crest Hollow’s adult tennis league. Become a member and see how our tennis leagues can bring out the best in your game on a court near you.

Tennis Court Hours

With five new Har-Tru tennis courts in our perfectly maintained complex, you’ll enjoy plenty of playing time. Our tennis courts are open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


With access to private tennis coaching and group tennis lessons, along with recreational gameplay and competitive league play, it’s no surprise that Crest Hollow Country Club is the top tennis country club on Long Island. Get in the game: Become a member today.

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