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5 Ways to Go Green on Your Big Day

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The ballots are in and it’s official: Green is the new black. More and more people are adapting eco-friendly lifestyles and habits; from small changes like eschewing plastic straws and shopping with reusable bags to big changes like installing solar panels on their homes and driving hybrid or electric cars. So why should your wedding be any different? Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to make your wedding any less special—in fact, knowing that you’re respecting and supporting the environment can elevate it to a day you and your guests never forget.

1. Go Paperless

Most wedding invitations include the actual invite, the RSVP card and envelope to be returned, and a save-the-date. Unless you’re planning a very intimate wedding, that is a lot of paper waste you’re sending out into the world. Instead, opt for digital invites that don’t leave an environmental footprint. If you have your heart set on physical invites, select recycled paper with vegetable-based ink.

2. Bloom with Sustainable Flowers

Believe it or not, not all flowers are organic! Many farms use harmful chemicals to protect the flowers from bugs, which can wreak havoc on the soil. Instead, select in-season flowers from local florists who cut the stems and deliver them to you within a few days (which also reduces refrigeration and electricity use). When in doubt, choose flowers that are VeriFlora-certified to ensure they weren’t grown under harsh, harmful conditions.

3. Rethink the Favors

While you will put a lot of time and thought into your wedding favors, many guests may not keep them for very long, or take them at all. Reduce waste and increase usefulness with unique favors, like biodegradable seed packets or locally sourced edible favors, like coffee beans, jams, or candy. Want to pay it forward? Give your guests a variety of charitable causes to choose from and donate the intended cost of the favors to their selection instead.

4. Go Digital

While almost all wedding photographers capture the big and small moments digitally, many also provide physical photographs as part of their service. Save the photo paper and harsh chemicals it takes to develop them and opt for digital only. There will literally be hundreds of pictures and chances are you won’t want a physical copy of every single one. If you want to display some in frames or a keepsake book, cherry pick your favorites and keep the rest in the cloud and on a well-protected flash drive.

5. Make a Green Exit

People have largely transitioned from throwing rice to throwing birdseed during the bride and groom’s big exit, but even birdseed mixes can contain seeds for plants that aren’t native to the area, which can be damaging to the environment. Make your exit to a fresh shower of herbs, petals, and lavender instead for an eco-friendly—and colorful—goodbye.

Now that you’re ready to plan a beautifully eco-friendly wedding, it’s time to choose the right venue for the big day. Contact the experts at Crest Hollow Country Club and start planning today.

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