5 Guestbook Alternatives to Cherish Forever

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Your wedding day is bound to be a great blur of happiness and well-wishers—it can go by so fast! A wedding guestbook is a time-honored tradition that allows you to reflect on your big day and the people you shared it with. But that doesn’t mean you can’t forgo the traditional book and preserve these memories in a way that fits your personal style. Shake up the expected with these five unique and fun guestbook alternatives:

1. Popsicle Sticks of Wisdom

Create a display of high-quality popsicle sticks and fine-tipped markers and ask your guests to write their best pearls of wisdom for a happy marriage and drop them in a special decorative jar. Space can be a bit tight on these, though, so either provide ribbons with your wedding’s colors to tie multiple sticks from the same person together, or opt for larger ones, like medical tongue depressors.

2. Something to Wine About

Whether you and your partner are wine enthusiasts or simply like the aesthetic of wine corks, this unique guest book option is sure to look amazing in your home. You can buy wine corks in bulk online or at your nearest craft store and leave them and fine-tipped markers out for your guests to sign. These will look great in empty vases, shadow boxes, and more!

3. Define the Happy Couple

Have a little fun with words at your wedding. Purchase a large dictionary and ask your guests to find the word(s) that remind them best of the two of you as a couple, circle them, and sign their name. You’re sure to have a fun time when you get to flip through the pages, and see what they chose to describe you as a couple.

4. Build Memories

Are you two the couple to beat at game night? Buy a few Jenga games (enough to allow each wedding guest to have their own