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5 Things to Know Before Planning a Long Island Wedding

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Congratulations! You and your partner have decided to spend the rest of your lives together and confirm your commitment surrounded by family and friends. You’ve done your research on your dress, colors, flowers, music, and—most importantly—location. All that Googling has narrowed your options and left you considering a wedding venue on Long Island, a 1,401-square mile destination like no other. Before you book your venue, here are some things to keep in mind when planning your special day on Long Island.

1. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. 

Sure, spring may take a little longer to get here nowadays and summer may hang on until Halloween, but Long Island is still very much a place of all four seasons. What does this mean for your wedding? While a January wedding in Florida means strapless dresses and sun, a January wedding on Long Island means a winter wonderland and no humidity hair. On the other hand, an August wedding in Maine will be much cooler than the typical Long Island day. Make sure to research past temperatures and choose the season that you and your partner will be most comfortable in.

2. Come One, Come All!

 Whether you’re from Long Island already, or from greater New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, Long Island is a convenient, centrally located place to have your wedding. You’ll be saving most of your family and friends the cost and inconvenience of needing to travel in order to spend your big day with you.

3. The Real Greatest Race.

 The good news? Long Island is a popular place to get married for a reason. The bad news? Long Island is a popular place to get married. Depending on what month you envision walking down the aisle (you may want to consider a spring wedding), you could be in stiff competition with other brides for your dream venue. Try and book yours as soon as you lock in on a date, but have a few backup dates handy just in case.

4. No Sitcom Wedding Officiants. 

Sitcom royalty like Friends and The Big Bang Theory made the prospect of being married by a close friend seem like the perfect answer for couples with no strong religious affiliations. After all, who better to oversee one of the most important days of your life than someone you know and love, rather than a stranger you didn’t meet until the day of? Unfortunately, that dream is a bit harder to achieve on Long Island (and in New York in general). Whether an online ordination is sufficient to legally marry two people has long been a gray area. We recommend you contact the local city/town clerk’s office to ensure your marriage will be considered legal.

5. The Heart of the East Coast.

 Long Island is the best of both worlds: It’s close enough to New York City to enjoy a wedding weekend full of culture and fast-paced excitement, and it’s also full of gorgeous beaches and amazing vineyards that are ideal for de-stressing. Even if you’re too busy with the excitement of the weekend to take some time away, your guests will have a trip to remember.

So, now you know all of the amazing and complicated aspects of a Long Island wedding and you’re ready to pop the question to the venue you can make your own? Contact the wedding experts at Crest Hollow Country Club and start planning the wedding of your dreams today!

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