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5 Wedding Planning Tips from a Pro

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

At Crest Hollow Country Club, we know wedding planning is not for the faint of heart. A lot of time, effort, and money go into making this day everything you’ve always dreamed of and more! There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed, though. Here, Crest Hollow event planner Helen Tull shares her five best tips for a smooth planning experience and a day to remember.

1. Research Blackout Dates. 

Before you get your heart set on a specific wedding date and book your wedding venue, make sure it doesn’t fall on the same day as something that would affect hotel room availability or create an atypical increase in traffic. This can include the major and minor holidays, religious days, and major sporting events.

2. Take a Second Look at Your Guest List. 

Half of your wedding budget is spent on food and drinks for your guests. While your venue may have a minimum guest count, you shouldn’t feel pressured to invite your grandmother’s neighbor’s nephew and your childhood girl scout troop leader. If your per-plate cost is $100, removing just 10 people from your guest list will save you $1,000!

3. Stay Organized. 

This may sound like a given, but preparation and organization are key to planning a successful wedding. There are plenty of online wedding checklists (MagnetStreet) that will help you stay on task and ensure you don’t forget any important detail of your big day—and there are a lot of details! Keep your thoughts, budgets, numbers, vendors, and other information in one easily accessible place. Want to have your info handy wherever you are? Download an app like Zola or WeddingHappy for a wedding plan that fits in the palm of your hand.

4. Create a Day-Of Schedule. 

Wedding days can easily derail off schedule with so many things happening at once and so many vendors sharing a space. Create an itinerary and include things like the time vendors will arrive, ceremony start time, first dance cue, dinner and cake serving, and any prescheduled toasts. Give a copy to your vendors, DJ/band, photographer, bridesmaids, caterer, and anyone else who should know.

5. Take a Break Between Your Wedding and Honeymoon. 

Historically, weddings have segued directly into honeymoons, but you may want to consider bucking tradition and taking a short break between the two. This will give you time to decompress after a fun (but often stressful) day, allow you to say goodbye to your guests at a farewell brunch, leave time to open gifts and deposit any cash or checks, and double check your packing now that the big day is over.

Now that you’ve got some inside tips from the pros, it’s time to get started. Contact the wedding experts at Crest Hollow Country Club and begin planning your big day today!

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