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7 Ways To Have An Instagrammable Wedding

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A wedding is such a joyous and fun occasion that people can’t help but post about it! While your trusted photographer and videographer will capture the event beautifully, you also have guests who will most likely document the day on social media. Make sure those posts turn out to be a perfect representation of your big day by incorporating these seven Instagram-friendly aspects into your wedding.

1. Post from the Photo Booth.

If you plan on having a photo booth at your reception, get one that allows your guests to send the photos to their phones or emails, or to post straight to social media. Fun group pictures are meant to be shared on the spot!

2. Have a Focal Point.

A beautiful and attention-grabbing focal point quickly becomes a visual motif for the night and always makes its way into pictures. Have at least one large aspect of your décor stand out and people will be talking about it days after.

3. Wedding Hashtags.

Get all the photos and videos from your wedding in one place by creating your own wedding hashtags. Be creative with the name and let everyone know your hashtags through signage or on your program.

4. Pay Attention to Detail.

When small details are well thought out, they make for amazing pictures. From table settings to font choices, your guests are sure to notice and document your big day. Personalize things like cocktail napkins and coasters with your initials or the date. Get creative with table number assignments: write them on a decorative mirror, hang them by clothespins or display them on key chains personalized for each guest!

5. It’s All About Good Lighting.

Make sure your lighting gives off the right mood and get creative with how you add light to your space. Candles, string lights, lanterns, chandeliers, or natural daylight look amazing in pictures—just make sure everyone practices fire safety! Bonus points when you book a venue that is already perfectly lit with a dazzling LED lighting system.

6. Creative Send-off.

The send-off at the end of the night is one of the most photographed moments of the wedding, so be creative with how you’ll make your exit. Use things like sparklers, confetti poppers, sky lanterns, glow sticks, or colored smoke for an exciting goodbye.

7. Be Original.

It might be tempting to follow the popular wedding trends for the sake of being in style, but the best weddings are full of originality and reflect the personality of the newlyweds. Don’t be swept away by the trends, a unique take is better and is quicker to stand out.

Now that you know how to have an Instagram-worthy wedding, you need a stunning wedding venue! Contact the wedding professionals at Crest Hollow Country Club who will help you choose between their beautiful venues to find the right fit for your wedding.

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