8 Musts for Your High-Tech Wedding

Updated: Aug 24

When it comes to technology, you and your partner are no n00bs. You’re plugged into the newest smartphone, get all the answers you need from Alexa, track the time and your steps with a smartwatch, and stream your entertainment with the touch of a finger. So why shouldn’t your wedding day reflect your love of cutting-edge technology? There are many ways to incorporate technology into your big day while still maintaining an air of romance, class, and beauty. Let’s take a closer look at some.

1. Drone Photography. 

You don’t necessarily have to skip the traditional wedding photographer, but a drone is the perfect complement to your wedding album dreams. Get candid shots from this eye in the sky and make large group pictures easier on everyone.

2. Digital Guestbook. 

We’re living in the future and the future is digital. While a physical guestbook is classic, you run the risk of something happened to it or the ink fading over time. Digitize your wedding and protect your memories with apps like Videobooth and My Digital Guestbook. Many apps also offer the option to receive a physical book, so you get the best of both worlds!

3. 3-D Printed Favors. 

Buying wedding favors is so yesterday—wow your guests with unique and creative 3-D printed favors. Print custom smartphone cases (this may require you to add a section on your RSVP requesting their phone make and model), small succulent flowerpots, bubble wands, flowers, poker chips, and more.

4. Wedding Cake Light Projections. 

Want an intricate design on your wedding cake but can’t agree on what or don’t have the budget wiggle room?