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Brunch Wedding Reception: A Fun Alternative for a Laidback Couple

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Looking for a low-key idea for your Long Island wedding ceremony and reception? Think brunch! One of 2016’s top wedding trends, brunch receptions are perfect for the laidback couple looking to celebrate their marriage in a casual way. Plus, you get all the perks of a daytime wedding: Venues have more availability and rental/vendor fees are generally cheaper (cha-ching!).

Here are six ways to ensure your morning ceremony and daytime reception are as laidback—and individual—as you are.

6 Tips for a Brunch Reception

1. Have your ceremony outside.

Take advantage of the before-noon sun and stage your wedding ceremony outside. A well-manicured garden setting lets you use the surroundings to the fullest (think in-bloom flowers).

2. Add a coffee cart to the ceremony or reception.

A French press and glass milk jugs are the perfect complement to this chill vibe. For a personal touch, add custom coffee sleeves!

3. Hold the reception between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

These times are ideal for brunch receptions. Start your guests off with some light appetizers, such as fruit cups and fresh juices.

4. Serve brunch favorites.

Smoked salmon, frittatas, omelets and grilled vegetables are great options for entrees. For dessert, enjoy goodies such as scones and croissants. And just because it’s a brunch reception doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it, too! Opt for lighter choices such as lemon, carrot and angel food cake.

5. Do a unique food bar.

Brunch foods are fun and delicious, so get creative! Waffles, French toast, pancakes and crepes are great options. Plus, guests will love customizing their choices with a variety of syrups and toppings.

6. Everybody in the pool (well, almost)!

For an even more laid-back approach, celebrate your reception on a serene South Beach-inspired pool deck. You’re surrounded by palm trees while sitting poolside as everyone sips brunch-inspired cocktails, such as mimosas, screwdrivers, Bloody Marys, mint juleps and Bellinis.

Ready to plan that perfect wedding brunch? Contact the wedding planners at Crest Hollow Country Club to see how to make your laidback wedding dreams come true!

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