Do This, Not That: Six Wedding Don’ts for 2017

Updated: Aug 24

Wedding trends change every year, and when it comes to the ceremony and reception, it’s hard to know what’s in and what’s out. So how can you avoid the big mistakes of 2017 while making sure your special day is uniquely yours? The wedding experts at Long Island’s Crest Hollow Country Club have come up with the top six wedding don’ts of 2017, so your wedding and reception will be the event of the year—without the any faux pas.

1. Don’t have an all-white wedding.

While it may seem like a classic choice, an all-white wedding has been done time and time again, especially since Prince William married Kate Middleton, making it predictable and a bit bland. For a fresh take on a color scheme, inject some color into your wedding. This can be done with place settings, customizable venue lighting, centerpieces or flower arrangements.

2. Don’t overload your bouquet.

When your bouquet is bigger than you, it tends to be the center of attention—which is not what you want on your special day. To keep the attention on you (and your partner, of course), opt for a manageable bouquet filled with soft-petal flowers that give your arrangement an ethereal feel, such as anemones, peonies, Juliet roses or English garden roses. Plus, your attendants will thank you for not saddling them with a 20-pound bouquet to wrangle while you say your vows.

3. Don’t do table garlands.

Flower garlands that line tables typically only look good in pictures when they are pictured hanging off the table. Otherwise, they tend to look sloppy and disheveled. Instead, hang floral centerpieces above tables. Not only will your guests swoon over how gorgeous they look, but they’ll look great in pictures from all angles.

4. Don’t do kitschy rustic.