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How to Include Zoom in Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

2020 was the year of the virtual wedding. Now that “in-person” wedding season is back and approaching fast, here are some reasons why it still makes sense to include Zoom in your wedding—and how to make it happen.

With Zoom, Everyone’s Invited

Guests that are immobile or very far away can actually be a witness to your ceremony with the addition of a Zoom broadcast. In fact, Zoom can hold over a thousand people in a room, so you can invite everyone your heart desires.

Send Online Wedding Invitations

When setting up a virtual broadcast of your wedding, your guests need some added instructions so they know what to expect. The date and time along with information about a Zoom link, RSVP details, and a dress code are important. Also, consider things like should guests have a specific Zoom background photo ready? Are you expecting them to partake in a celebratory toast? That kind of information all belongs on the invitation.

What Can Go Wrong?

Before broadcasting your wedding virtually, it is important to think about what could go wrong. Access to internet being the main consideration so make sure your internet cable or WiFi is working correctly before the wedding broadcast to ensure that your virtual guests get to see the full wedding ceremony.

Although Zoom weddings were spawned from necessity, adding a virtual broadcast to an in-person wedding ceremony allows everyone to come to your wedding. But you’re also still going to want a beautiful wedding venue for those in-person guests too. At Crest Hollow Country Club, our event planners can help you set up a beautiful wedding in-person and for broadcast. Contact us today and be sure to check out our virtual tour.

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