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How to Stay Cool at a Summer Wedding

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Summer wedding ceremonies and receptions are gorgeous: You can say your “I dos” under a bright blue sky, celebrate in the spacious outdoors and take pictures with the sunset as your backdrop. But summer can also come with intense heat, oppressive humidity, sudden rain showers—and unhappy guests. Don’t sweat it! The experts at Long Island’s Crest Hollow Country Club share seven tips on how to beat the heat for a perfect summer wedding ceremony and reception.

Keep your guests comfortable.

Metal chairs left outside in the sun is a recipe for disaster—and potential second-degree burns. Avoid this by nixing metal chairs anywhere sunlight is involved. Keep in mind, too, that no matter what seating is available, from fancy lawn chairs to wooden benches, most materials can radiate the sun’s rays after a few hours outside. Keep everyone happy by lining seats with a cushion in a light-colored fabric.

Opt for an updo.

Put the flowing Rapunzel locks on hold, and prevent sweaty hair by picking a style that sweeps hair away from your face. Not only are updos versatile, they’ll keep you cooler and your makeup intact for longer during a hot summer day. For a laid-back wedding style, consider an intricate, loose braid or messy (by design) bun. For a more sophisticated look, choose a slicked back chignon. If possible, try out your hairstyle in the kind of weather forecasted for the occasion to see how much hairspray or how many hairpins will be needed.

Banish sunburns.

Although you may apply sunscreen before the day begins, it’s important to reapply throughout the day to keep up the sun-blocking effectiveness. Keep a bottle close at hand by stashing one in the room you get ready in or assign a bridesmaid to carry one with her in a chic clutch. You’ll also want to consider the type of jewelry you wear. Metal jewelry that sits directly on your skin can potentially cause burning, so avoid metal necklaces or tight cuffs.

Get creative with favors.

Put reception favors to work by issuing gadgets guests can cool themselves off with, whether it’s customized sunglasses, mini misting bottles or mini fans.

Offer plenty of shaded areas.

Tents, canopies and umbrellas are all great pieces to use to keep you and your guests comfortable. Place a basket of bright umbrellas at the entrance so guests know to take one for the afternoon sun. For a unique twist, choose a venue that has natural elements to offer shade, such as palm trees or a vine-covered pergola.

Serve refreshing beverages.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, choose drinks that are generally served cold, such a martinis, beer, champagne or margarita. To keep your guests hydrated and as cool as possible, have a server hand out ice water infused with refreshing lemon, mint or cucumber.

Bring the outside in.

If you don’t want to deal with the heat of the summer but aren’t willing to sacrifice an outdoor wedding altogether, then be sure to make a smart venue choice. Choose an indoor wedding location that offers views of a romantic outdoor setting, such as breathtaking waterfalls, exotic palm trees, mesmerizing fire pits or an elegantly lit pool. This way, summer weather won’t wreak havoc on your plans, but you’ll still have the opportunity for a festive photo op in the great outdoors.

With these tips and tricks, your summer wedding and reception will be a (cool) breeze. To learn how to throw an outdoor summer wedding without a hitch, contact the event planning experts at Crest Hollow Country Club.

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