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Ideas for Unique, Creative Wedding Favors

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Choosing favors for a wedding reception can be stressful: You want something guests will appreciate, but also reflects your personality and your wedding venue’s theme. Here are some tips from the wedding planners at Long Island’s Crest Hollow Country Club that can help relieve your stress—and make sure your wedding guests leave the reception with memorable and personalized favors that are as unique as you are.

Spoil your guests.

Satisfy guests’ sweet tooth with delectable favors such as handmade chocolates or lollipops wrapped up in a personalized bag or customized bottle pairings of oil and vinegar. Looking to highlight you or your intended’s culinary skills? Homemade jam, granola, cookies, marinades, or rubs make for tasty treats that guests will love and appreciate. But don’t forget the guys (or girls): set up a cigar bar as an unexpected treat they can enjoy at your reception—or take home to savor later.

Celebrate Mother Nature.

Is your wedding a rustic affair set in a garden? The wedding favors should reflect your carefully chosen surroundings. Opt for eco-friendly gifts like reusable water bottles, packets of seeds, herb bombs, or succulents.

Consider the season.

Having a winter wedding? Consider hot chocolate kits packaged in personalized mugs, coffee beans in a thermos, customized lip balm or hand lotion, or reusable hand warmers with the initials of you and your partner. For spring and summer weddings, sunglasses and flip flops are fun ideas for favors. Prefer favors with a splash of color? Look into bottles of warm-weather-inspired cocktails such as mojito kits, martini shakers filled with a personal favorite, wine from local Long Island vineyards, or bottles of lemonade; add playful straws for a quirky twist.

Get crafty.

Candles and soap are affordable options that have a “from our hearts to yours” feel. For a unique twist, place candles in vintage teacups or mason jars, or customize a plain candle votive with glitter, washi tape, or ribbon to take them from ordinary to extraordinary. To personalize either of these favors, fill them with your favorite scents: dried herbs, lavender, lemon, and coffee are great choices!

Make a donation.

Some couples prefer to skip the extra treats for guests and put the resources they would have spent on favors toward a donation to a cause close to their hearts. Anything goes in this category, whether it’s an animal or pet charity to medical research to spreading awareness about a cause. Tastefully printed note cards describing your donation can be placed on each table to let guests know which nonprofit you’re supporting.

Looking for more ways to make your wedding day your own? Contact the wedding planning team at the Crest Hollow Country Club located in the heart of Long Island.

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