5 Tips for Guests Attending an Indian Wedding

Attending an Indian wedding is a unique, vibrant experience steeped in rich traditions. If you've been invited to an Indian or South Asian wedding ceremony for the first time, it's helpful to learn customs and etiquette, including what to wear and what to give, so you can truly be part of the celebration. Our event planning experts explain what you can expect at an Indian wedding, along with their top tips for guests.

1. Know what type of ceremony you're attending

Indian weddings usually take place over several days with many pre- and post-wedding celebrations. Depending on the bride and groom's religion or their region's customs, there are differences in ceremonies—and you might not be invited to all of them. Read your invite carefully to see which events you're invited to.

Popular Indian wedding ceremonies include:

Mehendi parties

Mehendi, or henna, is an important part of pre-wedding rituals. The bride gathers her closest friends and family during Mehendi parties to celebrate and decorate their hands and feet with beautifully intricate henna designs. This happy, festive ritual features music and dancing and has become an increasingly popular part of Indian-American weddings.