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Indian Weddings: How to Celebrate Your Heritage in a Modern Way

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Want your Long Island wedding venue to highlight your Indian culture in a contemporary way? You’re not alone! Blending traditional customs with modern tweaks has become increasingly popular with Indian brides. Here are some tips on how to do just that from the experts at the Crest Hollow Country Club, so you can be sure your family traditions shine through at your wedding ceremony and reception while keeping it trendy too.

Incorporate traditional décor in current ways.

Decorate cookies, cupcakes or your wedding cake with henna-inspired designs. You can also use mehndi-decorated candles or feathers worked into flower arrangements as your centerpieces for a chic Indian homage. Another décor update is to use umbrellas as a funky take on the mandap.

Update the dance floor.

Handout dandiya sticks to guests to use while dancing up a storm on the dancefloor. For cool, contemporary flare, consider a venue with an LED-lit dance floor.

Modernize classic accessories.

Take the traditional duppata and put a twist on it by having it made out of real flowers! This updated version is trending for 2016, and mallipoo or jasmine buds are great options for this gorgeous style.

Opt for a unique gift idea.

Instead of handing out gifts to your guests the old-school way, do a bangle booth! You can make this colorful and fun, plus guests will love picking out their own Indian-inspired bangles.

Look for venues that offer Indian cuisines.

Menu items should include lamb saag, chicken tikka masala, curry vegetables and basmati rice.

Elevate sacred ceremonies.

By surrounding yourself with elegantly lit fire pits, your vivah-homa will be taken to a whole new level.

Ready to plan your perfect Indian wedding on Long Island? Contact the wedding experts at the Crest Hollow Country Club!

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