The Benefits of a Holiday Wedding

If you and your partner have a favorite holiday you love to celebrate, tying the knot on that special day (or near it) can be a great idea. Holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are widely celebrated festive occasions, and picking a wedding date on or close to the holiday can make your special day even more meaningful. Our expert event planners explain the benefits of holiday weddings with tips and ideas to plan yours.

The Benefits of a Halloween Wedding

Many unique themes

Whether your theme is gothic-inspired, spellbound and whimsical, hauntingly beautiful, or a modern-day masquerade, Halloween presents endless ideas to inspire a sophisticated wedding theme that reflects you and your partner's personality in a uniquely memorable way.

Endless décor options

Once you and your partner pick a theme, there are plenty of décor options to bring it to life—and we're not just talking skeletons and jack-o-lanterns. Some of our favorite Halloween-turned-wedding decorations include unique candelabras, dramatic centerpieces with black dahlias, potion-themed cocktails, spooky stationery and signs, and dramatic wedding arches.