2022 Wedding Dress Trends

Updated: Aug 24

Current Wedding Dress Trends

From casual elegance to Victorian-inspired designs, the current bridal fashion trends of 2022 span it all. We have you covered, draped, ruffled, and tiered with the most popular wedding dress trends and styles of 2022.

Spring 2022 Wedding Trends

When spring is in bloom, so are these wedding gown trends—see what’s popular for weddings in March, April, and May.

Colorful hues

Believe it or not, not all brides look for a white dress—and that’s why this trend has been trickling in over the past few years. These non-white trending wedding dresses are leaning into champagnes, blush pinks, muted pastel colors, and florals—perfect for the nontraditional bride getting married in the spring or any bride who wants a unique, romantic look.


Ruffles are in! And they’re not just limited to large ball gowns with tiered layers. Ruffles are making an appearance in all dress styles, like along the flared hems of trumpet-style gowns, ruffled sleeves and shoulders, and more fluttery accents.

3D Floral Appliques

Floral detailing has always been a traditional wedding look, but this modern trend really pops. With 3D florals, the options range from head-to-toe applique to simple bodice accents and everything in between. The dimensional look of the floral applique gives this trend a romantic and contemporary look.

Summer 2022 Wedding Trends

In the summer sun, with all eyes on the bride, you’ll look radiant with these current summer wedding dress trends.