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Gilbert Holiday Party Testimonial | Crest Hollow Country Club

December 20, 2022

Gilbert Holiday Party Testimonial | Crest Hollow Country Club

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for making sure that our holiday party is no less than awesome. The Plaza Ballroom was filled with delight!

My sincere thanks go out to you and your team for organizing an enjoyable party and for all the hard work everyone put in. It is my pleasure to thank GC for being a significant help to Barry and me. GC, I am especially grateful for the excellent work you have done for us. My thanks also go to the waitstaff for keeping every table neat and clean and helping out the guests with a smile. There is no way I can forget to mention the drinks and bar, as well as the delicious food; we appreciate the delicious food you prepared for us with the help of your kitchen staff. It was above perfection. I would love to have the recipe for the entire menu.

Having fun at the party made this an unforgettable night. Last but not least, we are so lucky to have you, Kim, as you have been incredibly helpful and trustworthy throughout the entire process.

We discussed the fun we had on the way home and agreed that another party would be a blast ;0. So until the next time!
Thank you

Haidy Estfanos
Executive Assistant to the CEO

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