Band or DJ? 5 Ways to Find Your Fit

Updated: Aug 23

Planning a wedding means constant picking and choosing. Between flower arrangements, invitations, tablecloths and cake flavors, the number of decisions you have to make can be overwhelming. Having trouble choosing between a band and a DJ? Here are five factors that may influence your decision and help you pick the option that will work best at your wedding reception.

1. Find Your Style. 

First, consider what style of music you want at your reception. Know that bands are limited to how many songs they know how to play and, therefore, limited to certain styles of music. This isn’t a problem if you want to play a specific genre for most of the night, but if you are looking for a more varied selection, you might be better off with a DJ.

2. Personality Matters.

 It’s important to consider whether the entertainer has a good stage presence. If you hire a band or a DJ that lacks personality, they can quickly ruin the mood of the night. When you interview your prospective entertainment, pay attention to how they behave when not performing and ask for a copy of their act at a recent event to ensure they can bring the energy you want to your reception.

3. The Flow of the Night. 

When making your decision, it’s important to keep the flow of the night in mind. While bands will have to take breaks throughout the reception, DJs can often play music nonstop. If you choose a band, work together to coordinate breaks with transitions in the night or plan alternate music for the time in between sets.