Double Your Wedding’s Fun with a Groom’s Cake

Updated: Aug 24

When it comes to your wedding menu, few things feel more important than the perfect cake. You visit multiple bakeries, sample a variety of cakes, and select an edible masterpiece that complements your wedding’s theme and sets the tone for the time-honored tradition of feeding one another a slice while hundreds of guests look on. For this reason, wedding cakes are typically intricately designed and, more often than not, more feminine. Enter the Groom’s Cake.

1. What Is a Groom’s Cake?

The Groom’s Cake is a tradition that dates back to England in the late 19th century and was a way to incorporate the groom’s tastes into a bride-centric wedding. Traditional superstition also had single women putting a slice of the cake under their pillows in hopes it would help them find their own husband. Originally these were liquor-infused fruit cakes, but today’s Groom Cake can be any flavor.

2. Should I Have a Groom’s Cake?

Whether or not to have a Groom’s Cake is ultimately up to you, but its original purpose was to include the groom in the wedding more. Nowadays, many grooms are heavily involved in the wedding planning process and may not feel the need to have a cake of their own.

3. How Is the Design Different?

While the wedding cake is typically sophisticated and delicate, the sky’s the limit with the Groom’s Cake! This is your chance to surprise your future husband with a cake that injects some of his personality into the wedding, so the cakes usually feature his interests or hobbies, like football, fishing,