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Top Wedding Trends of 2017 (Part 2)

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

From jaw-dropping wedding or reception entrances to using the latest tech gadgets to record the occasion, 2017 wedding trends run the gamut. Here are five more top wedding trends of 2017 from the event experts at Long Island’s Crest Hollow Country Club—color and couture edition—so your wedding ceremony and reception can be on point from head to toe.

Mix in metallic.

Not only does the metallic trend work with many different color schemes, but it can also be seamlessly incorporated into wedding themes from black-tie to rustic. Votive candles, cutlery and plates are a great way integrate hints of pewter, rose gold or copper. Or, make a statement with a metallic-colored wedding cake.

Pretty in pink.

Pink is making a comeback in 2017, particularly blush pink. For subtle hints, integrate blush tones into flower arrangements, tie ribbons around candleholders or use it in your place setting via the napkin or plate. To make pink more prominent, opt for a venue that offers customizable LED lighting options for a true wow factor.

Say “yes” to neutrals.

If pink doesn’t do it for you, your wedding can still be on trend in the color department with this year’s neutral craze—think blues with a hint of gray, grays with a touch of brown and a mix of charcoal shades. A more natural and subdued approach, this color scheme is perfect for an outdoor venue, a beach-themed wedding or to achieve a sophisticated feel without feeling dated.

Opt for soft petals.

From bouquets to centerpieces, flowers are a pivotal part of a wedding, and 2017 is all about making them whimsical yet refined. For bouquets and centerpieces, think peonies, ranunculus, dahlias and proteas.

Double-duty dresses.

Whereas before brides weighed buying a second dress, 2017 is seeing an increase in dresses with removable skirts. Walk down the aisle in a breath-taking ball gown, which easily transforms into a sheath dress so you can dance up a storm with friends and family.

Looking for more ways to incorporate this year’s hottest trends and achieve the wedding of your dreams? Contact the team at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

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