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5 Reasons Spring Is The New Wedding Season

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

After saying “YES!” the next big question a newly betrothed couple has to answer is, “When’s the big day?” June, July and August might get all the press, but spring is quickly asserting itself as a wedding season contender. While every season has its own charm—autumn weddings feature a gorgeous color palette and many winter brides say “I do” while a soft snow falls—there are hidden benefits to tying the knot in spring. So, before you order save the dates, discover what a spring wedding has to offer.

1. A spring wedding is easy on your wallet.

From your dress and the entertainment to favors and flowers, it’s no secret that weddings are bursting with expenses—why not save where you can? Summer weddings may be a popular choice, but with that comes competing with other brides for venues and often paying a premium during “peak” season. A spring wedding will give you greater date flexibility and can save you enough to get the cake you really want!

2. Spring is the Goldilocks of seasons.

Spring is one of the most temperate times of year: It’s not too warm or too cold—it’s just right, especially on Long Island. Late fall and winter weddings may see a reception filled with winter coats and visible shivers. Summer weddings are at the mercy of the sun, when temperatures in New York can skyrocket into the upper 90s and higher. Your wedding album may be filled with sunburns and running makeup. (Luckily, Crest Hollow knows how to keep you cool at a summer wedding). Come the dog days of summer, your guests will thank you for choosing a spring date.

3. Your “Regrets” pile will be much smaller.

Summer isn’t only a popular time for weddings, it’s also when most people go on vacation. That can put your guests in the awkward position of either RSVP’ing “No” to your big day or having to cancel their plans to attend. Your spring wedding won’t be competing with your cousin’s family vacation to Disneyworld or your college roommate’s cross-country road trip.

4. Your wedding dress options are vast.

Is your Pinterest board overflowing with sleeveless and backless dresses? You’ll need to bundle up for a fall or winter wedding. Does your latest issue of Modern Bride have pages and pages of long-sleeved dresses folded over? You’ll be wishing for a cold front during a summer wedding. A spring wedding allows you to choose the wedding dress of your dreams, not of the season.

5. Spring is for lovers.

Spring is a season of rebirth and new beginnings—what more perfect time to start your lives together? The flowers are in bloom, the trees are budding, and the 24 lush acres on Crest Hollow’s grounds are the perfect atmosphere to begin your happily ever after.

Ready to give a spring wedding a try? It’s time to pick a date! Contact the wedding experts at Crest Hollow Country Club and take the first step toward the wedding and reception of your dreams.

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