5 Unique and Fun Sweet 16 Ideas

Updated: Aug 23

A girl’s 16th birthday is one of the most special and monumental birthdays of her life. It’s a time to thank friends and family, celebrate with them and look to the future with excitement. Here are five ways to make her party even more special!

1. Who Knows Her Best?

This is a fun game she can play with her entire party at the same time. Create a multiple-choice trivia game all about the birthday girl and her favorite things on kahoot.com. Guests use their smartphones to play and you can display the game on a screen or projector to watch people climb up the leaderboard. Reward the guests who know her best with a prize!

2. Complimentary Dancing Socks.

After a few songs in, guests’ feet are bound to hurt, especially if they’re wearing uncomfortable shoes. Pass out some complimentary and colorful dancing socks. That way they can really break out their signature moves without a problem, plus it makes for a fun-looking dance floor. Just make sure the floor isn’t too slippery and the socks have rubber grip bottoms or you’ll see some unique and painful dance moves!

3. Bring Her Favorite Destination Home.

Take a destination themed party to the next level without leaving Long Island! Choose a venue that doesn’t rely on decorations to whisk your theme away such as Crest Hollow Country Club’s South and Coral Beach, English and North Garden, or Poolside.