The Ultimate Prom Prep Guide (Long Island Edition)

Updated: May 23

Keep calm and plan for prom with our Ultimate Prom Prep Guide. We’re sharing five steps to help you prepare for the night everyone’s been talking about, including who to go with, what to wear, and how to get there—all with timing tips to keep you on track. Read on to see how you can enjoy the planning process with less stress.

When is Prom Season?

Prom occurs between mid-May and late June, depending on the high school. But the prep begins well before that—typically four or more months in advance.

When is Prom Season in New York?

In New York, and on Long Island, in particular, June is the most popular month for prom. Most high schools hold their events after finals but before graduation.

5 Prom Prep Steps for Success

1. Your Date

Deciding who you’ll go to prom with is the first decision to make as you prepare for the big event. Many teens feel pressured to bring a romantic date or crush, and while you can, it’s not the only option. You can go with a friend or a group of friends, and you can even go stag! It’s all about what you want out of your night.

Don’t let the expectations of others pressure you to select a date. Instead, go with the person or people you’ll have the most fun with.

Timing: Make your decision on who you’re attending prom with three to four months ahead of the event. That’ll allow you time to make all the other preparations.

2. The Dress

Shopping for your prom dress is one of the most exciting parts of prom prep. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, so when you’re ready to begin shopping, here are some things to consider.

Matching Your Dress

Prom is all about the photo ops—and matching attire is a traditional touch. Pick your dress first if you want to match your date. Then, your date can match their suit or tux to your gown. If you’re going with your bestie or a friend group, you can coordinate matching looks by picking dresses in a specific color palette, style, or fabric.

Dress Fit

It goes without saying that you’ll want a dress that flatters your figure and highlights your best features. But yo