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Planning a Work Holiday Party

Your Guide to Planning a Work Holiday Party: From Basics to Brilliance

Wondering how to elevate this year’s office holiday party from ordinary to extraordinary? Our event planning team has you covered. We’ll share all the basics you’ll need to consider when planning your holiday party, along with ideas and tips for special touches that’ll unlock the magic of the season for everyone in attendance.

Step 1: Set the Foundation

Start by selecting a few dates that accommodate most schedules. Check the calendar for holidays and other pre-planned work events on the corporate calendar. It’s a good idea to run the dates by key executives and important leaders to make sure they’ll be able to attend.

Once you have dates in mind, it’s time to start looking for a venue. Consider where the venue is located in proximity to where your employees live and work. While it would be impossible to pick a venue that works for every single employee, you can choose one that’s easily accessible or close to major highways so it’s easier to get there and home.

Need additional tips on choosing the perfect venue for any corporate event? We’ve got you covered with everything you should consider.

Step 2: Select a Theme

Once you’ve selected your date and venue, you can consider selecting a theme for your holiday party. While themes aren’t necessary for a great holiday party, they can give your event a distinct and memorable feel. Additionally, it can simplify planning as it narrows your focus to execute a specific vision.

Here are some popular holiday party themes to consider:

Winter Wonderland

Transform your venue into a snowy paradise with white and silver decorations. Incorporate snowflakes, icicles, and faux snow for a magical ambiance. Consider a color palette of whites, silvers, and light blues.

Rustic Winter

Embrace the cozy charm of winter with rustic décor elements. Use natural materials like wood, pinecones, and greenery. Warm tones like burgundy, forest green, and gold complement the theme.

Vintage Holiday

Transport guests to a bygone era with vintage-inspired décor. Use elements like antique ornaments, lace, and old-fashioned Christmas lights. A color palette of muted reds, greens, and gold adds a nostalgic touch.

Glamorous Gold and Black

Create a sophisticated and glamorous ambiance with gold and black accents. Use black tablecloths, gold cutlery, and sparkling gold décor. Incorporate sequins and glitter for a touch of glamour.

Nutcracker Fantasy

Draw inspiration from the classic Nutcracker ballet. Consider life-sized Nutcrackers at the door or live string instruments during cocktail hour. Use a color palette of rich reds, whites, and metallic gold.

Step 3. Send Invitations and Set an RSVP Date

Craft invitations that reflect the chosen theme and include essential details like date, time, and venue. If you have a specific dress code in mind, share it with your employees. It can help them plan what to wear. You can also share photo galleries from previous holiday parties to help employees see what others have worn in the past.

Our event planners’ top tip for getting timely responses? Use online platforms for easy RSVP management. It gives you access to real-time headcounts without waiting for (or paying for) mailed RSVP cards.

Step 4: Book Entertainment

What’s a holiday party without holiday tunes? Look to hire entertainers that suit the theme and atmosphere you're aiming for. A DJ is a must for a night of dinner and dancing, and a live band can take your event to the next level.

If you know some employees prefer to hang out off the dance floor, a professional magician or tarot card reader can add another layer of excitement to the celebration.

Step 5: Add Memorable Touches

Ready to turn your holiday party into an unforgettable experience? Here are some enhancements you can add to your office party:

  • Consider including a photo booth with holiday props to encourage camaraderie and provide a fun way to capture memories.

  • A dessert wall filled with delectable treats makes for a sweet takeaway and a fun photo op.

  • A caricature artist can add a playful, personalized touch, giving attendees the chance to leave with something special.

  • Get lighted necklaces, glow sticks, and other fun props to really get the dance floor grooving.

Step 6: Consider How You’ll Express Employee Appreciation

Expressing gratitude during the holiday season goes a long way. Think about incorporating activities that recognize employee achievements or share a heartfelt speech or toast.

If your budget allows, you might get favors to gift to each attendee. Custom ornaments, photo frames (a great idea to pair with a photo booth), hot cocoa bombs with a mug, candles, and other small tokens of gratitude are all thoughtful options.

Work Holiday Party Venues on Long Island

Are you in charge of planning this year’s holiday party? Consider hosting it at Crest Hollow Country Club. Centrally located on Long Island’s North Shore in Woodbury and easily reached by major highways, our venue is easy to get to and loved by all.

Our event planning team takes the work out of planning so you can enjoy the holiday season with less stress. We offer a variety of rooms for events, from intimate gatherings for 100 guests to extravagant holiday gatherings, hosting as many as 2,000. With elegant ballrooms and unique cocktail hour locations, we have venues to accommodate every aspect of your party and a network of exclusive vendors to help bring it to life. Contact us to schedule a tour and see why Crest Hollow Country Club is Long Island’s favorite holiday party venue.

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