8 Tips for a Stress-Free Sweet 16

Updated: Aug 23

Planning your teen’s Sweet 16 can be an exciting time, but it’s easy for things to feel stressful without proper preparation. We’re sharing 8 tips to help you plan the Sweet 16 of your teen’s dreams with less stress and more fun for an unforgettable event both you and your teen will enjoy.

1. Start planning early

Good things take time, and your teen’s Sweet 16 is no different. Start planning anywhere from 10 to 12 months before the event date.

As a parent, you should find out how your teen wants to celebrate. After all, it’s your daughter’s special day, and her Sweet 16 should reflect her unique personality. Does she want something glamourous, laid-back, funky or chic? Learning what’s important to your teen can help you start looking at venues, themes, activities and more to help you plan with the guest of honor in mind.

2. Don’t wait to make the guest list

Your guest list informs many key decisions, like the type of party you’ll throw and your budget. Create yours early to know how many people you’ll need to accommodate. Once you have yours, you can begin evaluating venues, menus, invites, activities, favors and other enhancements.