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Choosing the Perfect Corporate Event Venue (What to Consider)

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

When it comes to planning a corporate event, your venue plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere, increasing attendance, and simplifying planning so you can host an event that’s memorable and hassle-free. Our event planning team shares tips and advice to help you choose the perfect place for your next professional event.

Find a Space That Fits Your Agenda

Whether it’s a corporate holiday party full of fun, an exciting new product launch, or a formal gala dinner, it is important that your venue aligns with your event’s objectives. A proper venue should offer spaces that are flexible and conducive to full audience presentations, esteemed keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities like cocktail hours.

Beyond just having spaces available, the ambiance and décor of your event should match the vibe you want to exude. For a black-tie event, the venue should be decorated elegantly, while a product launch could have corporate branding throughout the space to reinforce the theme of the gathering. These are all things to consider when choosing your corporate event venue.

Food & Beverage Accommodations

The staple of each and every event is a delicious menu. Having catered meals and even a cocktail hour at your event offers valuable networking opportunities for guests to relax, unwind, and connect.

Finding a venue that provides high-quality food and accommodates your guests’ dietary needs is imperative to creating a welcoming, comfortable environment everyone can enjoy. Before booking a venue, review their catering menus and dietary accommodations. At Crest Hollow Country Club, we understand the significance of providing exceptional catering services that meet every guest’s preferences. It’s why we offer a range of delicious options, including our five-star reception menu and more traditional halal, kosher, and South Asian menus.

Size Requirements

Choosing an appropriately sized venue is essential. If you select a venue that is too small, your event may feel overcrowded and uncomfortable. If it’s too large, your event may feel empty (not to mention that you probably paid more for it!).

The first step in choosing the proper venue is to assess your guest list and estimate a headcount. Compare your headcount to the venue’s capacity and explore the different rooms available. Once you find a venue that is adequately sized for your anticipated number of guests, make sure the venue space has décor that can match – and ideally, enhance – your event’s theme or goals.

Technical Requirements (Audio & Visual)

For a corporate event featuring speeches, music, and other presentations, having the proper audiovisual equipment, lighting, and sound system is important to its success. Many venues offer a variety of different vendors who coordinate technical needs to ensure your event’s program runs smoothly from start to finish.

Parking & Valet Services

Another aspect to consider when planning your corporate event is on-site parking and valet services. Having both is convenient for your guests and can help save them time since they won’t need to search for parking or walk long distances.


A centrally located venue can positively impact your event, especially when attendees are traveling from all different areas. Consider the proximity of your venue location to major highways for easy travel to and from your event. For longer events and multiday conferences, consider a venue with nearby hotels so guests can easily get to and from the event. Taking venue location into consideration is an easy way to improve your event’s attendance.

Work with Corporate Event Planners on Long Island, NY

Coordinating a corporate event on top of your full-time job can be stressful. Many venues offer event planning services that can simplify coordinating your event, which can help you relax and focus on other details.

At Crest Hollow Country Club, our corporate event planning team takes the work out of planning your next professional happening. We offer a variety of rooms for events, from intimate company gatherings with 100 guests to fire department installation dinners, fundraisers, proms and galas with as many as 2000. With elegant ballrooms and unique cocktail hour locations, we have venues to accommodate every aspect of your gathering and a network of exclusive vendors to help bring it to life. Contact us to schedule a tour and see why Crest Hollow Country Club is Long Island’s favorite corporate event venue.

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